Prepare by Geoffrey Germann

A review by Terri Kinckner

I received this book after being contacted by the author after failing to be picked in a Goodreads first reads giveaway. Although this isn’t my usual genre, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The lead character, Darren, seemed like a cross between Batman and Iron Man, but operated on a much more realistic scale.

Darren grew up watching his father commit various crimes. Even as a young boy, he had a firm grasp on right and wrong, and found his father’s behavior reprehensible. As an adult, he became a micromechanical engineer and became extremely successful. While negotiating the sale of his company in a satellite office across town, he had to travel through a section called The Orchard. The Orchard was a gang-controlled, violent area, and he witnessed enough crime to know that he wanted to help. With the help of his friend and former business partner, Adam, he designed a suit that gave him superhuman strength and abilities. He set out into the Orchard to put an end to the gangs, one crime at a time. An overnight resident surgeon, Corrine, caught his eye and a relationship of sorts started after he saved her life.

There were times while reading this book, where the subject or character seemed to switch without warning. I found this a little bit confusing, but not too daunting to continue reading. Germann is an excellent writer, very descriptive yet still leaving enough for the imagination to create itself. I saw virtually no errors, and for that, I applaud both the writer and the editor! The story itself was spun beautifully, weaving between characters and in the end, painting a very full picture.

I give this book four out of five stars, and am looking forward to reading more of his work!


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