This old lady loves YA!

My children are grown.  My teenage years are a very distant memory. I love YA paranormal and YA paranormal romance books.  Yes, I admit it…in public!  The reason why I love YA books is that young adults and teenagers still have their whole lives ahead of them.  They have not been broken and made cynical by the world.  They still have hope.  Add some strange twist like super powers, or being part witch, werewolf, vampire or fae, and you have me hooked!  I mean, come on… who DOESN’T want to be different?  To find out that you are special or that you have a special gift when you are in the prime of your life with little to no worries is, I’m sure, a pretty common fantasy.  We all want our youth back, and we all want to be special.  Reading these books puts me right along side of these special characters so that I can live vicariously through them.

Elle Casey is a wonderful example of this type of book.  Her War Of The Fae series hooked me right in from the start, and each additional book in her series has been like continuing your dream where you left off the previous night.  I literally feel lost between the publishing of the books in that series!   Every reader should escape the real world when they read… the world would be a much more creative and wonderful place!

If you also enjoy YA books, click on the picture below to enter to win FIFTY YA books… yes, you read that right… FIFTY!!!


2 thoughts on “This old lady loves YA!

  1. Elle Casey says:

    Thanks for the mention. I’m so flattered!!

  2. altha morgan says:

    This would be awesome. The ones that are not my style I have a ton of avid book lovers.

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