The Gate, by Jason Brant

A review by Terri Kinckner

Bryan didn’t want the intern job that his fun-loving football playing best friend Kyle won, but he needed an internship to graduate. Ghost hunting seemed like such a crock to him, and he wanted no part of that show. He was going to spend the weekend before finals chasing ghosts in an abandoned church in the middle of nowhere instead of studying. The church they will be shooting the show in is shrouded in mystery… several people having gone there and never returned again. Once they find the church, they are thrown into a bizarre world of monsters and and prophetic ancient texts. With a beautiful horror writer and three egotistical and beer-guzzling show hosts, this unlikely crew of five finds their worst nightmare wrapped in the stench of Hell.

The Characters were great in this story. I loved the friendship between Bryan and Kyle, and their banter had me laughing aloud several times while reading. The beautiful, bad ass writer, Katie Upshaw, eerily reminded me of myself in ways (minus the beautiful part lol). The show crew members were characters I loved to hate. Not far into the book, I was hoping to see them be the first to go if anyone had to die, and the karma that hit them was quite fitting.

The story was one that I couldn’t easily figure out, which is something I can usually do. I was surprised more than once at a particular turn the story had taken. His monsters are unlike any of the monsters in recent books I’ve read. They were vividly etched into my memory and thus have now entered my nightmares (thanks, Jason!). This was Jason Brant’s longest book so far, but I was still yearning for more at the end. Sequel, please! (that’s just me being greedy)

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars!



One thought on “The Gate, by Jason Brant

  1. Pink says:

    I like thtt0#823&;.ahrowing them out in the dead of night. I’m going to use that method when it comes to Rob’s old T-shirts. It’s sneaky and will accomplish something I’ve been trying to do for the last 10 years.

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