SHEOL, By Jason Brant

A review by Terri Kinckner

This is the third and  final installment of the West Of Hell series.  When I read the first two books, Gehenna and Tartarus, I loved them.  This final book made me love them more.  So much more that I have to go and read the entire series over again!  This is not just your typical zombie series…

When I sat down to do this review, I had a hard time trying to figure out how to describe this book without giving away the surprise.  It took until I finished this incredible story to realize exactly what the story was about.  There is so much more to the story than what you immediately see!

The second book ended with Karen arriving in  Sheol, and McCall facing death outside a house by the desert.  Karen finds that an evil outlaw from the train that she had assumed to be dead, was actually the sheriff of Sheol, who locked her up in jail, intending to hang her.  In the third book, McCall, who has an uncanny ability to cheat certain death, came to her rescue. With the zombies advancing on the town, Karen and McCall try to rally the citizens to fight back until all they could do was escape.

The action in this book is nonstop, the dialogue was wonderful and the imagery that Jason Brant portrays is amazing.  While reading, I felt that I could see, hear, and even smell what was going on.  There was a time or two that I swore I could taste the gunpowder residue in my mouth… it is that vivid!  Karen and McCall made an excellent team, and the evolution of these characters was wonderful.  Karen started out a independent-minded prostitute and ended up needing to care for an orphaned child.  I love what a strong character she is, and was happy to see her take a leadership role in this book.  McCall was at first, a self-centered unemotional man, but by the end of the series, sacrificed so much for those he grew to care about… and even those he didn’t.

The ending of this book made me stop and give pause.  Was everything I read really everything there was?  Absolutely not!  What on the surface was an excellently-written, action packed zombie book actually turned out to be something much deeper!  I was literally blown away by this “revelation”!  This is a must-read book in a must-read series!

I give this book a divine 5 stars out of 5!


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