When Copper Suns Fall (Lost Immortals, #1) by KaSonndra Leigh


A review by Terri Kinckner

This book captured me from the beginning. KaSonndra Leigh created a world that was completely believable, adding a paranormal twist that was wildly original and interesting.  The setting of this book is Corunum, a Post-Apocalyptic United States, set 62 years after the Great War between the Caduceans and Tainted.  The Caduceans were half-human, half-angel descendants of the archangel Gabriel, and the Tainted were half-human, half- fallen angel descendants of Bernael, the angel of chaos.  Both were thought to be no more, but were actually still in existence and fighting for control of the humans.

Chela was caught up in this situation more than she realized.  I loved learning along with her what she and her purpose in life were. Chela was a very strong and stubborn lead character, with a heart of gold… a perfect combination for the role she assumed in this book. Faris was quite a mystery to me, and I was just as frustrated with the lack of information he passed as Chela was. He was an excellent broody, angsty character who loved Chela with all that he had. Jalen and Alexa were great friends to Chela, each with secrets of their own. The complexity of the relationships in this book made it hard to put down… I couldn’t wait to find out the next “secret”! The ending of the book had me wanting to know more, I’m definitely invested in these characters!

The writing was excellent! KaSonndra has a gift. She can write beautifully crafted descriptive sentences and flawlessly switch to more modern dialogue between the characters. That is very hard to pull off!  There was some confusion with all of the new terms in the book, but the glossary at the end really helped me with that, and kept it from getting too complicated and taking away from the story itself.  I am starting book 2 tomorrow, and I am so excited to see what the second part of this story holds!

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars!



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