Xianne: A Comedy of Cultures: Volume One, Jayce Grayson

A review by Terri Kinckner

From the Back Cover:

At Arthur C. Clarke station, four 24th century youths–Jim Street, Keira Bond, Suki Takeda, and Saxon Caine–join the System’s most famous ship, the luxury yacht/freighter Xianne. There they encounter the mysterious, highly-eccentric, Captain Tom Duncan; his lovely CMO, Dr. Sharon Miles; and Chief Engineer Moses Jones. They escape an Earth burdened beneath heavy-handed laws, injustice, and fear; yet, liberated by abundant power–thanks to Helium-3 Fusion Reactors–and the Porn Culture’s near-eradication of the sexual taboo. The time of their lives…will change their lives forever…as their journey begins aboard Xianne….


This book is one that I read in one sitting. Not because it was short, but because I just couldn’t turn away. Grayson’s vision of the future was wonderfully vivid and believable. The technical jargon wasn’t overwhelming and quite easy to understand, and society had evolved in a very realistic way.

I loved all of the humor the story had. The characters were each unique and each had a life of their own, something sorely missing in a lot of books today. There was a lot of sex, but not enough detail to be offensive to anyone, and frankly, I enjoyed being able to imagine the scenarios in my own mind.  The “nay” sexual orientation of the lead character was quite interesting.  I can’t wait to read the next volume to see what transpires between this group! What a wonderful mind trip!
I give this book 5 stars out of 5!


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